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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Trying to establish an online presence? Or take your business to the next level?

If so, video marketing is the best type of promotion for both branding and click-through-rates.

And if you want to know HOW, then keep reading. We’ll explain the importance of video marketing below and also provide some stats to give you a better perspective!

man holding camera for video marketing to boost business - ElevatedLook

First – Customers Enjoy Video More than Text

What’s more attractive to a customer?

· Text ads that require analysis


· Visuals that get the point across quickly

The answer is the latter. Videos are visual content and easier to absorb than long sales scripts.

How Popular is Video?

According to, in 2018 alone – videos were consumed by 69% to 95% of first world populations (source).

Also, according to Cisco, by 2022, almost 82% of online content consumption should be video (source).

So for every 1 person that’s reading text ads, you’ll find another 4 watching ad videos.

And they’re more likely to convert than your text ads…

team plans for video marketing to boost business - ElevatedLook

Second – Video Ads Get More Sales

In 2020, (a website that conducts surveys and research on internet marketing trends) surveyed 1000 businesses on their marketing habits. And as the results show, 96% of marketers are shifting their budgets to video marketing (source).

What Do Video Conversion Rates Look Like?

The ROI of video ads have been excellent as far back as 2014.

According to, using video on a website boosts conversion rates by 66% (source)!

Also, according to, customers that watch video ads are 1.8 times more likely to buy than non-viewers (source)!

The Results.

Video ads help you to better hone in on your target market. The clicks you get will not be from random curious searchers, but rather, they will be from people actually interested in your product or service.

You can see that in the conversion rates of video ads. They convert at 1.84%, the highest of all online ad types (source).

brand signage - develop your brand through video marketing - elevatedLook

Third – Videos Help Build Your Brand

Videos communicate impressions that you can’t send through text. Those impressions include your business culture, values, and overall image.


You can use a video ad to display values such as teamwork and a social spirit (if that’s important to your brand image).

Also, through a video ad, it’s easier to communicate an image of luxury (if your buyer profile is very high income).

Final Word

Video marketing is extremely rewarding, but its execution can be quite difficult.

Video content isn’t easy to create, and getting engagement requires you to invest in quality marketing consisting of proper content strategy, premium video production, and consistent management. However, done right, you can expect excellent results for your business!

Need help with Video Marketing?

Schedule a free consultation at or send us a message!

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