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CEO / Executive Producer

Mark Stampfli, CEO & Founder of Elevated Look, brings over 15 years of experience working in media; with stints at Warner Bros., Silver Pictures, Original Productions, and Broadcast West Studios. At Original Productions, Mark oversaw Post-Production on over 200 episodes of TV, including two EMMY winning seasons of Deadliest Catch. He also produced the SXSW nominated film Fallout Revelation. He's worked as a Development Executive at Commonwealth Picture Co., with over 50 projects in development. Currently, he is producing an international documentary, “Outrunning the Lion,” with principal photography shot in Kenya, Africa. Mark is also an active TV Academy member and EMMY voter, who has expertise and connections in all stages of production, from

Pre-Production to Post.

Tim Yao Headshot.JPG

Director of Video Production

Tim brings over 15 years of video production experience. He’s directed all the online ads for the U.S. Army Reserve since 2020, and revolutionized the content creation workflow between Team DDB and Army Marketing Enterprise Office. 


As a Veteran, he is an expert collaborator with video clients after his work in Strategic Communications for NATO in Afghanistan. His current work includes projects with the NFL, USAA, KitchenAid, U.S. Army, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.



To start your project, we will meet with you in a discovery session. This is where we IDENTIFY a solid plan for what you want to accomplish. With years of results, we make sure you have a strong foundation to begin your project.


In this stage, we design and produce your project. Our team has an extensive background in all stages of media, from Pre-Production through Production to Post-Production. Whether you want to CREATE an inspirational commercial, a powerful marketing video, or trending social media; we have you covered.


Finally, we can take any project and ELEVATE it through promotional management and advertising campaigns. It is not just about reach, it's about results.

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