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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

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Congratulations! You have just started your dream business. Whether it's an online e-commerce store, a small coffee shop around the corner, or your TikTok influencer brand; creating a business is something to be proud of. Now that your business is open, you need to attract customers. One of the most effective ways of building a new audience is through content writing. Content writing for a business or brand is not just for fun but a necessity. In writing branded content, you have to be able to write content that converts. We here at Elevated Look want to help you kick-start your business content skills with ten effective tips.

#1 Pinpoint your audience

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It's difficult to please everyone, so decide early on who you are targeting with your content. If your chosen audience is business professionals then they might prefer a more direct style of writing while a younger audience might prefer a more feel-good, encouraging tone. Finding your specific audience will help you capture their attention and also cater to their specific wants and desires.

#2 Do your research

No matter how much of a genius you think you are, chances are you will need to check other resources as well. Besides searching the internet for the information you may need, looking at your competitors' websites, social media, and blogs can give you a better view of how the content has been covered in the past.

#3 Stick to THE topic

You may want to show your audience all the great things you have to offer, but keep in mind that less is more. Too many topics might confuse your audience. By singling out one topic, you get to connect your reader to the content without them getting lost in a mess of ideas.


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As a content writer, there should be some level of expertise on the subject of your chosen topic so that you will be able to effectively explain it to your audience. Knowing what you're writing about will give a sense of authority to the content you write. This will also allow the audience to develop trust towards your brand.

#5 Use relevant keywords

Keyword selection and optimization are part of (SEO) search engine optimization where writers choose specific keywords to ensure their piece is easily found. Well-chosen keywords will allow your content to be searched and seen by your target audience. Using keywords related to your topic and their supportive LSI keywords, throughout your piece, will lead to content that is searched for more frequently.

#6 Optimize Content

Short paragraphs, condensed sentences, bulleted lists, and infographics are frequently used in the best content writing. Current SEO best practices and methods should also be used to improve your content for search engines. Also, make sure to add relevant, internal hyperlinks that will build a connection to target keywords in Google's algorithm.

#7 Be witty

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Studies have shown that people, nowadays, are less likely to stay on a website for beyond 15 seconds. This means that you must be able to get your audience’s attention and offer enough value for them to stay. Utilizing witty headlines, surprising ideas, and fascinating graphics will assist in keeping your audience engaged. Think outside the box.

#8 Make it readable

Be as concise as possible. Say what you need to say in fewer words and exercise good editing. Writing content without confusing, big words will make your content more understandable and easier to digest. You can also use bullet points, lists, and charts to directly educate your readers.

#9 TRIPLE-check foR mistakes

Bad grammar and sloppy spelling errors are almost always a turnoff. A simple misplaced comma or an extra space between paragraphs could make your audience think twice about the quality of your business or brand. Double or even triple-check all articles and copy. It may feel like an extra chore but remember that a few missing periods and misspelled words could make or break your reputation.

#10 Make it engaging

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Successful content writing produces audience engagement. Ideally, this engagement converts a customer into a follower, fan, or evangelist. Unlike print readers, website visitors like to scan the text. Having millions of options at their disposal, internet consumers like to swiftly skim content to find results. And if they can't locate what they're looking for, they'll leave your site. Include a call to action and encourage comments/discussion to entice interaction.


Writing branded content is not for everyone. You'll need to make use of all the tips above as well as practice your creativity, adaptability, and most importantly, relentless editing.

STRUGGLING TO WRITE your own content?

Maybe you don't have enough time or just simply lack the staff and resources needed to produce content for your brand. We encourage you to give it a shot, but if you are looking for assistance then contact Elevated Look for all your content needs including copywriting, articles, and blogs.

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