Do you have a vision you want to share with the world? Maybe you have a brand new business that you are looking to promote? Perhaps, you are a creative that just wants to express your brand to an audience? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then it's time to start creating content (or have someone else do it for you, "hint, hint" Elevated Look)

Content creation is not a fad. It's here to stay and also a necessity for brands and businesses striving for modern-day growth.

What is content creation? It is the contribution of information to any media, most commonly to digital media for a specific audience.

Who are content creators? Many major brands and celebrities, but the beauty is that anyone can jump into content creation. Whether it's through a blog, podcast, TikTok, Youtube, or Instagram, many are becoming creators, influencers, and brands.

It's time to turn your aspirations into a reality. So here are nine tips on how to be a content creator.


Start now. Stop thinking if you should or shouldn't jump on this train and like Nike says, "just do it." Don't wait for inspiration but rather take action that will lead you to it. Choose a platform, create an account, and start creating content. It's that simple. Here's an idea, write a "to-do" list for the week and check things off as you complete each task. Rinse and repeat. Don't say "I'm going to build a house" and attempt to do it in one day, but rather, start by placing one brick at a time.

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What is the purpose of your content? Some creators have an inspiring message to share with the world while others desire to share educational insights. The life coach and former monk, Jay Shetty, said in his podcast, “I look at the type of content that I have shared. I’ve tried to create a piece of content where I want someone to learn something or know something.”

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When people see your name or logo, what do you want them to think? Most brands have thought long and hard about their name, logo, color scheme, and overall brand identity. It is important to decide how you will present yourself online. This is your chance to make choices that align with who you are.

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Seattle-based bloggers, Emma and Maddy (The Content Creatives Podcast) said, “This is one of the important things to know going into it, especially if you have a dream of pursuing it as a creative career. Take a step back and understand what you are talking about. It is more than just posting pictures.” Expertise will reflect in your work. What do you know? What do you do? What are you curious about? Finding these answers will assist you in selecting worthwhile topics for your content.

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Not all content creation methods are for everyone. While some people thrive in front of the camera on Youtube and TikTok, others have a great voice for audio platforms on Spotify and Audible, and a few prefer to write for a website or blog. TikTok personality, Ayn Bernos, has been making content since 2016. As she tried to make her way through Youtube, the growth was relatively slow. In December 2020, things changed when she decided to try TikTok. She posted her first-ever educational video about grammar in January 2021. By the end of 2021, she had amassed over 1.3 million fans and 30 million likes. The lesson? Research and try different platforms that fit you, because you never know where you may find an audience until you give it a shot.

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Quality content does not mean it has to win an Oscar for "Best Picture," but it better be good. Pop quiz. What's better?

1. Posting one amazing piece of content every couple of months

2. Posting one piece of mediocre content every day

3. Posting one piece of good content once a week

Most would argue for number three. Solid content posted consistently beats out mediocre content posted every day or one amazing piece posted every couple of months. Also, do not focus on views, likes, followers, and subs when you are starting out. Make good content you want to share no matter the reaction (or algorithmic judgment).

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Put in the work and be patient. If you can't do both of those things then content creation is likely not for you. If you have an interesting niche, develop it and improve as you go. You won't have all the answers right away but you'll get better each and every time you make the next piece (and if you still feel stagnant then give Elevated Look a call).

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Do not post just for the sake of posting. Take it seriously. Outline, develop, and plan. Set up a content calendar. Hire some help. Invest in social media resources. Everyone is posting on social media, so what's going to make you stand out? If you are serious then your audience will grow, if not, you'll fade away into the nether.

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There will always be "ups" and "downs," so love the process. Be excited about it. Learn from the lows. Celebrate the wins. Tell stories. Inspire the world. Educate an audience. Entertain the masses. And you don't have to do it all. Participate in the things you want to do and get help for the rest. As big as social media has become, good content creation is still often ignored. So, take the leap and start building a brand that lasts a lifetime.

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